Can I browse through this site?

Welcome to primedatabase.com. To browse through the free pages of this site, you need to become an Enrolled User. Please click here to fill the Enrolment Form.

If you wish to use the services of this website, or search the databases or obtain detailed information, you will need to first enrol (fill Enrolment Form) and then pay for the desired services to become a subscriber.

How does this site work?

Unlimited access is provided to you for such services for which you have paid.

How to find what is available on this site?

Go to the Home Page. All services offered by us are divided into 8 databases listed there. Click on the desired database to find what modules are available. To see the format and contents of any of these modules, go to the Demo Section, after enrolling.

Who is a Subscriber?

Anyone who enrols with primedatabase.com and then pays the subscription fee becomes a Subscriber.

Why can I not access various databases?

  • If you are a Free User and have not paid subscription for yourself or your company, you do not have access to the databases. Your free enrolment allows you access only to Free Information.
  • If you ARE sure you are entering your ID and Password correctly but continue to have problems, contact us by e-mail or by telephone at +91-11-4100-8346/7/8. Telephone support is available Monday through Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. IST.

I am unable to print pages from the site.

Some computer/browser/printer configurations simply cannot print out certain Web pages. Try reloading the page, using a different browser, printing to another printer, or using another workstation.

What subscription options are available to me?

Our subscription options are detailed on the Home Page. For any clarifications, please send an email to us or telephone us at +91-11-4100-8346/7/8. Telephone support is available Monday through Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 P.M. IST.

Why are the prices for your subscription services not posted online?

Our subscriptions are tailored to meet customer's specific needs and as such we are not able to quote prices online. Pricing is based on the services required, number of users and type of access. Please email us the areas/modules of your interest or contact us at +91-11-4100-8346/7/8, so that we can send you a quote.

Before I subscribe, can I see a free demo?

We have a Demo section for those interested in subscription. You, of course, first have to be an Enrolled User.

Do you offer student discounts?

Yes we do. However, this is only for students who have a current edu e-mail address issued by a school or university. Please contact us by email, giving full details of your project and requirement.

Where do you get your information? What are your sources?

We obtain information from a variety of sources.

For all our historical databases, the information is compiled from SEBI and/or corporates and/or investment bankers and/or registrars and is comprehensive and fully accurate.

For information in our ALERT sections, we first ask companies that we cover to provide information on themselves. Many do; some do not. The other sources we use are newspaper reports/advertisements, market intermediaries, annual reports and stock exchange filings.The information contained as such is as accurate as we can reasonably make it. In many cases, we also rely on third-party information that we believe to be trustworthy but were unable to verify independently. 

How often is your information updated?

Some databases are updated daily, weekly, some fortnightly, some monthly, some quarterly and some annually. The database coverage period is indicated at the top of each Search Page.

What happens if I forget my User ID and Password?

You should either look up any of the e-mails / letters you have received from us as these contain your User ID and Password. Alternatively, you can simply enrol again!

How can I change my password?

You can Change your Password at any time by using our convenient online form. You need to log in before changing any of your access information.

How do I register on this site my forthcoming IPO?

The first step is enrolment. (If you have already enrolled earlier, you do not need to enrol again; just use your ID and password). After enrolment, click Free Information. The page will show a box- "Are you planning to float an Issue?". Click this to register your Issue.

Can I host on this site a profile of my forthcoming IPO?

The first step is enrolment. (If you have already enrolled earlier, you do not need to enrol again; just use your ID and password). After enrolment, click Advertise and then click on the option "Company Profile in the IPO-ALERT Section" to proceed further.

How can I update my e-mail address or other details as a Subscriber?

Log in. You will then find a link "Change in your mailing address?" on the Priced Information Page. Click this link to proceed further.

How can I advertise on this site?

Please click Advertise to find how you can advertise on this site.

Who can I contact regarding an error in our company information?

You can send an e-mail to us.

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