DATABASE COVERAGE: 2017-18 to 2020-21 (4 year)

Year Amount (Rs. cr) No. of
2017-18 7,283 2
2018-19 8,847 3
2019-20 2,306 1
2020-21 (as on 30/11/20) 29,715 2
Total 48,151 8


Current Issues
Provides key information on InvITs / ReITs for which opening date has been announced or which are currently open for subscription

Issue Search & Prospectus Centre
Allows basic level search of the InvITs / ReITs database (also allows ordering of prospectus).

Advanced Database Search
Advanced level search can be done of the InvITs / ReITs database on any one or a combination of the following 13 parameters:

  1. Period
  2. Issuer
  3. Type of Sale (Fresh Capital/Offers for Sale)
  4. Issue Amount
  5. Industry
  6. Product
  7. Issuer Type (Private/Joint/PSU/Assisted)
  8. Stock Exchange Listing
  9. Primary Stock Exchange
  10. Underwritten (Y/N)
  11. Offer Price
  12. Lead Managers
  13. Issue Expenses as % of Issue Amount

You have the option of selecting Order of Result (Chronological/Alphabetical/Issue Amount).

Anchor Investors
Provides information on allocations made to Anchor Investors in InvITs / ReITs. Details can be obtained for a specific issue and League Tables of Anchor Investors can be generated.

Company Specific Search
Allows search of the InvITs / ReITs database for a specific company or for all or selected companies in a selected period for following details:

  • SPVs
  • Sponsors
  • Board of Directors of Trustee
  • Fund Requirements
  • Selling Shareholders
  • Issue Expenses

As a part of this, you will also get Key Personnel and Addresses.

Price/ Volume Data Tracking (BSE & NSE)
Provides daily price and volume data of all InvITs / ReITs since their respective date of listing at BSE and NSE.

Listing and Current Market Price
Provides listing date prices (open, high, low and close), current market price and market price after 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months since their respective dates of listing at BSE and NSE.

Industry-Wise Summary
Industry-wise summary can be generated of the InvITs / ReITs database

Top 25 Issuers         
Provides information on top 25 issuers of each year.

Issuer’s History 
Provides details of all past InvITs / ReITs of any specified company, along with address.

Issue Response
Provides information on basis of allotment, key response data, final demand of bookbuilding issues, category-wise break-up of QIB allotments and allows search on times subscribed, number of applicants etc. of the InvITs / ReITs database.

City-Wise Response
Provides information and allows search on citywise response & statewise response of the InvITs / ReITs database. Results can be obtained for a specific issue or for a combination of issues/cities.


League Tables can be generated to suit your own requirement by choosing desired parameters (similar to parameters in the Advanced Database Search). League Tables are available for the following intermediaries:

  • Investment Bankers
  • Syndicate Members
  • Brokers (Issue-wise  Brokers/ Performance Statements are also available)
  • Registrars
  • Solicitors
  • Printers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Collecting Bankers (On Collection Amount/ Issue Amount/ Performance Statement)
  • Underwriters
  • Stock Exchanges

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